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    Werxo is a full-service media production company. We can implement any component of your video production, from writing and shooting to editing and delivery – we’re up to the task fulfilling any of your needs. More importantly, we live for the challenge of creating compelling and unique media. From large corporations to small businesses to non-profit organizations, our approach is to be hands-on and personable as we take on the role of advocating for you. The way we see it, connecting with YOU is how we not only get a better product, but we also think it gives all involved a greater sense of satisfaction. As our client or subject, you will be asked to be part of a very engaged process with us. Sometimes we’re a little irreverent, but we take our work seriously and it’s our pride and our love of this job that drives us to do the best we can for you.

    In the cacophony of today’s media-saturated world, we think about the ways in which video and film can be used to make an impact on the world around us — to bring people together, to foster human understanding, to give a voice to those who might not always get the chance to be heard. As a female/minority-owned organization, we embrace diversity on every level, and promote equity and equality in all of the ways that we can, whether it is through our crew members, perhaps a camera angle, or a topic of focus for our storytelling.

    With our robust cameras and powerful yet portable editing technology, Werxo is flexible. Let’s shoot in a nice studio, or let’s shoot in Nice, France. We can meet your needs on location anywhere in the world. Or you can visit our production suite in Renton, a place we call ‘The Shop’. The Shop is a relaxed studio space perfect for brainstorming ideas, tuning an edit, shooting an interview, or shooting the breeze.

    Your place or ours?

    Act I: Dream it

    We get together with you early in your creative process so we can help guide you on the best use of your video-making dollar. We will get to know you, figure out what you need, and help you create a concept and write a script. Then we will work with you to do all of the planning needed.


    ACT II: Make it

    Here we get to actually MAKE the thing we worked so hard to think up and vision out. We will get the best crew, use only the necessary equipment and human resources that will serve your production best. This is the phase where we “get it in the can”.


    ACT III: Deliver it

    Once the project is shot, we go into the phase where we get to cut together something beautiful with all of the material we made together. We will add finishing touches — music, graphics, and other lovely polishing. Then we get you your finished project in the format(s) that you need.



    Then we can get together and toast to a job well done! This is also the part where you will want to get the most eyes on your freshly made video. We can help you strategize on how to do this very important step.

    As below so above and beyond I imagine
    Drawn outside the lines of reason
    Push the envelope
    Watch it bend

    Over thinking, over analyzing, separates the body from the mind
    Withering my intuition, leaving opportunities behind

    Feed my will to feel this moment
    Urging me to cross the line
    Reaching out to embrace the random
    Reaching out to embrace whatever may come

    With my feet upon the ground
    I lose myself between the sounds
    And open wide to suck it in
    I feel it move across my skin
    I’m reaching up and reaching out
    I’m reaching for the random or
    Whatever will bewilder me
    Whatever will bewilder me
    And following our will and wind
    We may just go where no one’s been
    We’ll ride the spiral to the end
    And may just go where no one’s been
    Spiral out, keep going
    Spiral out, keep going
    Spiral out, keep going
    Spiral out, keep going

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    What We Do

    • Concepting/ Script Creation

    • Copy Writing

    • Pre-Production

    • Budgeting & Scheduling

    • Editing

    • Color Grading

    • Sound Design

    • Photography

    • Staffing

    • On-Location Work / Travel Shoots

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Studio Space

    • Equipment Rental

    • Media Output & Delivery

    We Are

    Creative Producer & Founder

    Mitch Shepherd

    Mitch Shepherd is a filmmaker and video producer who has spent several years creating promotions and commercials for companies in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. a true child of the great PNW, he found his way back to his hometown of Renton. he loves to write poetry, imagine angry blog posts and deliver late night tech talks.

    Mitch is a dedicated advocate of the arts, serving as an Arts Commissioner for the City of Renton, as well as serving on the board of 4Culture.

    CEO & Founder

    Meena Merchant

    Born in Santa Cruz to immigrant parents, Meena has been a traveler and artist her entire life. She was valedictorian of her high school and studied architecture at Columbia University.

    Currently, Meena is the CEO and resident Graphic Designer for Werxo, a volunteer art teacher, and runs a non-profit organization devoted to bringing communities together through the creation of public art.

    Meena seeks connection through the cultivation of relationships. her heart’s calling is to give airtime and use film & video as a medium to tell the stories of women and people of color, among other minorities.

    Creative Producer

    Justin Sund

    Justin Sund is a Washington-raised, Seattle-based video producer, writer and creative with over 20 years of experience in entertainment. After a stint as a starving actor, director and comedian, he jumped into the game industry as a creative writer, project manager and sound designer until he found his true calling in the video production world in 2013.

    Through the years Justin has worked creatively with innumerable companies and brands. From Harry Potter to The Simpsons, and Marvel to Microsoft, Justin has crafted content for the masses.

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